Yashu Liu, Ph.D.


Yashu Liu

Yashu joined Third Rock as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in 2023. She is motivated by the transformative impact she has seen novel discovery in biology and technology have on patients in her area of focus: biologics and gene therapy. She finds working in the field of drug discovery to be simultaneously challenging and rewarding.

Prior to TRV, Yashu held a variety of roles in bioanalytics, biomarker and CMC at Laronde, 23AndMe, and Regeneron. During her career, she has led teams to advance multiple lead drug candidates from late-stage research to clinical development and approval. In her role at TRV, she is thrilled to be surrounded by a talented team of individuals who share the same passion for helping patients with unmet medical needs.

Outside the office, Yashu enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Year Joined
  • 2023
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Biochemistry, Peking University
  • Bachelor's degree, Chemistry, Peking University
  • West Coast