Adam Tebbe

VP Platform Operations

I’m thrilled to join Third Rock to work across therapeutic areas, modalities and diseases to apply technology to improve the lives of so many patients in need.

Adam Tebbe

Adam joined Third Rock in 2023 as Vice President of Platform Operations. Adam focuses on applications of technology across the portfolio, and is excited to work at the intersection of science and technology. He is passionate about data science, and the potential to leverage data as a strategic asset with the goal of accelerating companies forward.

Adam is excited to be part of an amazing organization that has a broad reach across therapeutic areas and modalities, and improves the lives of so many patients with unmet medical need. Outside of work, Adam adores spending time with his phenomenally talented wife and two girls, who are growing up way too quickly.

Year Joined
  • 2023
  • B.S. Computer Science & Biology, Saint Francis University
  • M.S., Genome Science and Technology program, University of Tennessee
  • East Coast