Karina Chmielewski

Vice President, Platform Operations

I am excited to be on the front lines of the biotech industry with a team of amazing people that never give up.

Karina Chmielewski

Karina focuses on the development, implementation and refinement of technology roadmaps for our portfolio companies. She is enthusiastic about working with a relentless team working on cutting-edge technologies for patients most in need. Karina previously served as a consultant to the firm since 2015, guiding companies on the identification and integration of drug discovery and development technology platforms.

Karina firmly believes that there is always progress to be made in the industry. Her dedication to growing and improving current outcomes will continue as long as there are patients with unmet need.

Year Joined
  • 2017
  • B.A., Chemistry, Boston University
  • M.S., Chemistry, Boston University
  • M.S., Computer Science, Boston University
Administrative Support
  • East Coast