George Xu, Ph.D

Senior Associate

Every day, I am surrounded by people all focused on the same ultimate goal – to build great companies that discover and develop products that make a difference for the patients we serve.

George Xu

George focuses on new company formation and due diligence. In his role, he works with academics, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and his Third Rock team to identify emerging areas of biology and build out the scientific, clinical, and business strategy to translate that research into new therapeutics. He is continually amazed at the depth of knowledge and experience that his team has, and he is driven by the renewed hope that comes with each innovative drug approval.

George is known around the office to always come to meetings prepared with a slide deck – a force of habit from his consulting days.

Year Joined
  • 2019
  • A.B., Biomedical Engineering, Harvard University
  • S.M., Biomedical Engineering, Harvard University
  • Ph.D., Biophysics, Harvard University
Administrative Support
  • West Coast