Ali Baker, Director

Director, Recruiting

I am extremely passionate about hiring and integrating the right people so that our companies are successful in their ultimate goal of helping patients who need it the most.

Ali Baker

At Third Rock, Ali is a talent expert – she loves building companies that care about making a difference in the world and that care about their people. Culture building is her passion, and she is proud that in her job she has the opportunity to work with brilliant people who genuinely care so deeply about others. She believes the outlook for patients continues to brighten each day, and appreciates the role she is able to play in the TRV portfolio and the biotech industry at large.

Outside the office, Ali founded a horse rescue that is run entirely through donations by dedicated volunteers, and with support from her greatest cheerleader, her husband.

Year Joined
  • 2020
  • B.S., Equine Science, University of New Hampshire
  • East Coast